Renovation Partners will join with your current management team to assess the specific needs of your business. You may need to reverse negative trends, accelerate areas where you are having current success, or develop a new strategic direction for future growth and profitability.

No two situations are the same, but many of the core obstacles to success have common roots. As a result of having over 100 years combined hands-on business leadership experience, we have identified several key areas of focus for a thriving business.

Frequently, we take an interim executive role within the businesses we partner with. We will not just provide theoretical guidance, but will actually be there with you to deliver results against the operating plans – to bridge the gap from strategy to execution.

We will help you to identify a permanent executive to backfill where we have served on a temporary basis, and will provide ongoing consultation and assistance after our paid engagement has ended. Our compensation arrangements are generally tied to your future success.

Success Based Compensation

Our track record of enabling our clients to grow revenue and profitability faster is so reliable that we typically tie a portion of our compensation to actual results. You can be confident that our expertise will deliver results.

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