“Jeff Cooke has an ideal combination of talents that make him highly successful in turning around a business and then growing it rapidly. He has a strong sales focus, but also excellent command of the financials, pricing, process, and service areas. Jeff is a strong team builder. He formed a team at our company that was given tough stretch targets whether in sales growth, efficiency and process improvement, systems improvement, or service quality, and then gave the team the resources to reach those targets. All members of our team learned a great deal from Jeff.”

“Jeff (Cooke) is the consummate professional: always driving for bottom line success without compromising integrity, teamwork, customer value and long term viability. Of the many leaders I've had the privilege to work with directly, Jeff manifests the broadest range of executive skill: both strategic and tactical, for national, international, public and private enterprises. “

“I found Chris (Hodge) to be an outstanding leader with the ability to manage from many perspectives. This approach allowed everyone to perform at their best, using their strengths. His work ethic and character provided an excellent example, and he has a proactive and supportive style. Chris would be a great addition and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience from a variety of roles.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris (Hodge) for several years as a service provider. Chris has always demonstrated keen insight and in depth knowledge of the intricacies of his business and industry. He is an exceptionally honest, straightforward person with a true dedication to his company and his people which makes it a pleasure to work with him. Chris is a pragmatic leader, results oriented and is constantly focused on improving the status quo. …he inspires confidence, respect and dedication in both his team and his customers.”

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