Experience That Delivers Results

Renovation Partners is a team of experienced executives who have long track records of successfully growing businesses – both top line and bottom line.  We are revenue growth and productivity experts who have formulated processes and methods developed from decades of first-hand experience.

We have had direct leadership responsibility for every function within the company:  product development, marketing, sales, finance, information technology, operations, manufacturing, human resources, global procurement/outsourcing and customer support.

We have fine-tuned an analytical approach to accelerating revenue growth.  Every function within the organization must contribute directly to the customer making a decision to buy.  Our clients have been able to quickly identify the key inhibitors to growth – or the key strengths to exploit more effectively – by utilizing our methods and expertise.

We stay “in the game” from the development of the plan, through execution and successfully achieving results.  We don’t just deliver a plan and leave.  We are only successful when you are.

“The quality of the plan depends upon whether or not you WIN”

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